Week of Outreach

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This past week, I had the great opportunity of being involved with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) in the Week of Outreach on Chico State's campus! Through out the week, friends from CRU and I went out on campus and shared our faith with a handful of Chico State students. Most of the interactions went well, and some did not go as well. Overall I thought the week of outreach was a huge success! I was able to go over the Four Spiritual Laws (the Bible broken down into four points) with a couple of students and it went really well! CRU also had a graffiti board posted in the free speech area with the question written on the board "Does God Care, Why or Why Not?" Chico State students posted their opinions and thoughts on the board. It was very interesting/encouraging/sad to see some of the students posts. But the big success was that some new people came to CRU's weekly meeting and received a great message of "Why God Cares." It was awesome to see Chico CRU work together as a community and share the Word of God and share our faith with students! Right now I just can't beleive all the amazing things God has been doing for Chico and CRU!