Hey guys! So I am trying something new; this post is a video blog! I was pretty excited to post this (FYI you might want to turn the volume up high when viewing the video)... I am planning on doing more of these! This post also has some more picture from Ocean City, so check them out! Thank you for tuning in!

The first week of summer project is officially over and now entering into the second week! In my last blog, I talked about how I was trying to find a summer job. I was looking for a job on the boardwalk as it would act as a good ministry sight. However the first couple of days of job hunting did not go so well. Most of the stores and shops I was applying at said they did not need anyone or to come back in a couple of weeks. I have to admit, I was stressing out but this would change soon. The next day I had a job interview at a retail store called Sun-N-Fun and was given the opportunity to work there! The Sun-N-Fun sells a whole bunch of beach toys/supplies, board shorts, skin boards and get this, we even sell hermit crabs! Even though I was stressed out about not finding a job on the first couple of days, it really opened my eyes to trust God and know that he will provide for me. My first day of work was today and it was amazing! Today was mostly training behind the register and get use to the environment. My co- workers (Laura, Bruce, Sharon, and Marylyn) are awesome! I am very excited to be working this summer at the Sun-N-Fun!

Another cool thing that took place during my first week at summer project was our first day of outreach on the boardwalk. We had a day of training to prepare us to share the Know God Personally booklet, also known as the Four Spiritual Laws. After the training, my roommate Jake and I partnered up with each other to share our faith on the boardwalk. We ended up talking to three groups of people in an hour and half. The first group of people we met were not interested in accepting God and developing a relationship with him. We then met Scott; who was a believer and was walking with the Lord. It was really encouraging to talk to Scott about what the Lord has done in his life. The third group of people we met was Jordan and Megan.

Jordan and Megan are from Philadelphia and just graduated high school. Jake and I developed an awesome relationship with them. But what is awesome is that we got to go through the Know God Personally booklet. At first Jordan and Megan were not interested in having a relationship with the Lord, but by the end of going through Knowing God Personally booklet they wanted to develop a relationship with Him! That same day, Jordan and Megan accepted Christ and now are walking with the Lord. Later that day, I had follow up call with Jordan; he was asking how can I get develop a relationship with the Lord if I cannot make it to church, and will I not be able to have a relationship with God if I don’t go to church? I said, “You still can have a relationship with the Lord if you cannot make it to church, but we need to find an alternative way.”

I found Jordan some online sermons and free online small group bible studies that he can access whenever he wants to. I emailed the links to the small group bible studies along with an online sermon of Louis Gigilo on how great is our God. It was amazing to see God work his magic with Jordan and Megan!

I am definitely happy to be on summer project here in Ocean City. God has already shown me so many amazing things along with my flaws which have been surprisingly awesome. I am really excited to grow in community with other students and develop life lasting relationships. Thank you for all of those who have supported me through prayer and financially. Also, thank you for tuning into my blog; I will post a new one soon! If you would like to view online sermon on “How Great Is Our God”, it will be posted on this blog. It is five parts, but it is totally worth watching it. If you are also interested in the online small group bible studies, the link will be placed below also.

This link is to the free online small group bible study.

And this link is to how you can start a relationship with the Lord

How Great Is Our God Part 1

How Great Is Our God Part 2

How Great Is Our God Part 3

How Great Is Our God Part 4

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