Reliance In God

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Hey guys! Sorry that I have not updated my blog in a while! Things have been crazy and really busy the last couple of weeks on project. Even with the craziness, project has been amazing and the Lord has shown me so much. For those who tune into my blog and follow me on twitter, you noticed that I fasted from twitter for a week.

The twitter fast lasted for a week and it was a result of putting my full reliance and faith in the Lord. That week the Lord stretched me in so many ways! In the last video blog I posted, I talked about how as a project we were in the beginning of our week of outreach. That week I set a goal of sharing the gospel to 56 people in one week. As a project, we set a goal of initiating a total of 4,596 spiritual conversations!

The begining of the week was hard at first. I did not witness that many spiritual conversations; in fact on the first day I spent a total of four hours on the boardwalk and I only experienced two spiritual conversations and no gospel presentations. I felt so discouraged on the first day, but I knew something was wrong. I had a feeling that I myself was trying to hard and not letting relying on the Lord to help me reach my goal. I prayed to Lord and confessed to him that I was not relying on him and from that day forward I will put my full reliance into him.

The next day was just amazing! I was able to share the gospel with a couple of high school students and I also witnessed six people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior! I felt like God was trying to tell me that effective evangelism will not happen unless I put my full reliance in him.

As the week of outreach went on; we shared the gospel in Atlantic City. Atlantic City was a hard setting to share the gospel, but it was still awesome to see God work in a different part of the country.

By the end of the week of outreach, I was able to experience 57 spiritual conversations with seven people coming to Christ! It was the most amazing week! As a project we surpassed our goal of 4,956 spiritual conversations and ended up with a total of 5,983 spiritual conversations! God totally stretched me in my faith, and now I feel like I can share the gospel to anyone! Glory to God!

This week, we are being introduced to need of ministry in different parts of the world. The Lord has already shown me how important to share the gospel to the different groups of people around the globe. As Americans, we have more skills and talents within the faith than others. We are ready to go out and share the word of others and spread the perfect love of God. The only thing holding us back, is ourselves. I do not know if the Lord is calling me to do ministry in a different part of the world, but I have definitely praying about it and how I will fit into God's plan.

I know this is a long blog, but there is so much more that I can tell you! Thank you for your prayers! There is another picture slide show in this blog. Some of the pictures are from the week of outreach and our softball game against staff. Thanks for tuning into my latest blog!