New Look To Blog/Agape Week

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Hey guys! First off I just want to say thank you for tuning in to this new post. As you can see the website looks a little different. I am still not done with the overall website, but it is getting close. Let me know what you guys think of the new look!

So the last time I blogged it was on how the last couple of weeks have been about the importance of fully relying on the Lord. This week on project, we have been learning about God's true love. The project director Bob Fuhs, had a wonderful message last night. He emphasized on the fact that our spiritual growth is not measured by our spiritual resume. An example of a spiritual resume would be one saying, "oh I have been to two winter conferences, I share my faith everyday on campus, and I am interning for Campus Crusade." This is also known as "dot to dot" growth. All the conferences and days that one shares their faith does not represent spiritual growth. Bob then explained the way that someone experiences spiritual growth is by putting their full faith and reliance in the Lord and living by the spirit. The Christian life is not about trying harder, but is about trusting and putting full faith in the Lord. Bob's talk was very refreshing and encouraged to continue my walk with the Lord and rely on the spirit.

This is also the last week that staff will be on project with us as they will be heading back to their campuses! It is crazy to think that the next four weeks will be all student lead. We were all assigned specific project roles by staff. My new role is an action group leader. As an action group leader, I will be leading the bible studies that my roommates and I have. I will also be there discipler and will be meeting with them individually once a week. I am very excited for this new role on project, but at the same time I am nervous. This will be a stretch in my faith but I know the Lord will provide. What is awesome is that this new role is a grat opportunity for me because I will be leading bible study back in my ministry at Chico State. Tonight, we have training for all of our new roles and I am very exicted for that. In my next blog I will let all you know how the training and first bible study went!

If you have time, please pray for:
For all the students on Ocean City Summer Project. Our new roles are going to be tough and a stretch in our faith.

Everyone on the boardwalk that we have been sharing the gospel to.

Staff as they go home and have safe traveling. Pray that will bring everything that they learned back to their ministry on whatever campus they are on.

For us as students, that we will have confidence in going out on the boardwalk and sharing God's love.

Ocean City Baptist Church. They have been so awesome and brought us in with open arms.

Thank you so much for your prayers and thank you for tuning in!